All tracks by oveloe

Below you will find a collection of unreleased original instrumental tracks,
mixed, lightly mastered and ready for you to record some vocals.

You are free to build upon, remix and transform all the music on this website
to you own liking, artistic taste and in any language. You are also free to
copy, share and distribute your new track on the channels of your choice.

Here are the 3 conditions (complete license info below)
1. Give me credits for the music! ex: Newtrackname (feat. oveloe) by Yourname.
2. Your new track cannot be used for commercial purposes.
3. License your new track with the same license as the original track.


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Dabka Bass Machine (uploaded 26/06/2019)

Old School Move (uploaded 05/05/19)

Punjab DJ Glory (uploaded 05/05/19)

Latin Hop Cut (uploaded 05/05/19)

Sampled Gypsy Dreams (uploaded 05/05/19)